What is gynecomastia and stanozolol, and why it is only for men?

Stanozolol and Gynecomastia – an increase in benign breast tissue in men, usually resulting from an imbalance of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone.

As is known, stanozolol for sale and and he male body comprises an amount of estrogen in the same way as the female contains a certain amount of testosterone. Meanwhile, too high estrogen levels relative to testosterone in men can cause breast enlargement. According to the US National Institutes of Health, some degree of gynecomastia occurs in more than half of the boys during puberty. At the same time, in spite of the harmlessness as such most of gynecomastia, this phenomenon may be due to some disease states, including substance abuse, certain diseases, and can also be caused by the use of certain medications.

According to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to the period of puberty, gynecomastia can also be observed in newborn boys (as a result of exposure to maternal estrogen) as well as in men older than 50 years. This condition can be both single and two-way (depending on the number of increased breast), with overgrowth of tissue, usually occurs unevenly. The development of gynecomastia can pass safely or be accompanied by increased sensitivity, tenderness or discharge from one or both nipples. In most cases, this state is held by itself after a few weeks or months, but in the case of prolonged gynecomastia may need a certain treatment.

Gynecomastia, and receive a variety of substances and preparations

In 2012, in the journal Expert Opinion on Drug Safety published a research report in which it was found that in 25 percent of cases gynecomastia is receiving different drugs: prescription, recreational and illegal. For example, often associated with the development of gynecomastia reception anabolic steroids (usually bodybuilders).

In addition, with the increase in the male breast is also associated the use of marijuana, heroin and alcohol. For example, liver cirrhosis is often observed among alcoholics can disrupt hormone levels and thus cause gynecomastia. Other agents and drugs capable of causing this condition include antiandrogens such as finasteride (Propecia), used in the treatment of prostate cancer, anti-depressants such as diazepam (Valium), calcium channel blockers, anti-ulcer drugs such as cimetidine (Tagamet), antibiotics , trichloroacetic acid, and certain drugs for the treatment of AIDS, such as antiretroviral efavirenz (Sustiva).

Diseases and gynecomastia

Gynecomastia also associated with various diseases, disturb the production of hormones, for example, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome, hyperthyroidism, liver problems, kidney and pituitary failure.

Call gynecomastia may testicular tumor, trauma or infection, as well as testicular radiation therapy. It is also the cause of gynecomastia may be age-related decrease in the levels of androgenic hormones. In addition, certain plant compounds such as tea tree oil or lavender oil, hormone mimic estrogen may exert estrogenic action of the male body, causing gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Treatment

In most cases, treatment of gynecomastia and stanozolol price are not required, since this condition is often regresses by itself after the hormone levels return to normal. If the cause of gynecomastia are steroids, alcohol, prescription drugs or other similar factors, then their cancellation (for example, switching to other medications) can also solve this problem.

In some cases, surgery is required when there is too much overgrown breast tissue, or if gynaecomastia persists for a long time. It may also be effective in certain types of drugs that block the action of estrogens. In addition to men, and especially young people, concerned about gynecomastia and its associated problems, psychological counseling is sometimes recommended.


Why and how to take BCAA, Stanozolol and Leucine

Before proceeding to leytsinuu, is useful to recall the stanozolol price and basic conditions that must be fulfilled before you start taking these supplements:

Recently, leucine often extol and advertise, and it has good reason, since this nutrient is able to accelerate muscle protein synthesis up to 145 percent if you take it after strength training. Nevertheless, despite the fact that leucine is an amino acid with a branched chain, responsible for the activation of mTOR, – construction of the main mechanism of muscles in the body, – reception of leucine alone will not plan the most efficient.

It is better to take BCAA and stanozolol with a high content of leucine, – that is, such BCAA, in which the ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine is 4: 1 – this formula showed the highest efficiency in building muscle mass. Unbalanced reception leucine relative to other amino acids with branched chains can lead to an imbalance in the blood level of amino acids, thereby weakening the anabolic response.

The positive effects of BCAA-enriched leucine include weakening of muscle damage, weakening of post-exercise muscle soreness, increase the time before the failure in intensive training tests and accelerated muscle growth. BCAA with a high content of leucine is especially useful for older trainees who are experiencing problems with the activation of mTOR to build muscle.

Recommendations for receiving BCAAs

Take BCAA and stanozolol dosage during training with the ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine to about 4: 1. After a particularly intense training sessions take an extra dose of BCAA in combination with taurine for better attenuation of muscle soreness and inflammation.


Why do we need vitamin B6 and stanozolol?

Vitamin B6 and stanozolol are involved in more processes in the body than any other vitamin or mineral. But did you know a lot about this wonderful nutrients? Unfortunately, ignorance of the people is, and this is according to the study, a third of the adult population does not receive an adequate amount of food with this valuable vitamin. But vitamin B6 – a protection against depression and a strong healthy heart.

What can vitamin B6 and stanozolol

The role of vitamin B6 in the body can be compared to “workhorse” repeatedly performing more than one hundred different processes during the day. Vitamin B6 acts as a coenzyme – a substance that accelerates the enzyme together with the chemical reactions in the cells.

Participation in the formation of red blood cells, helping in protein synthesis, the production of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) such as serotonin – just a few of the many functions of vitamin B6.

Also, vitamin B6 and helps to prevent the treatment of many diseases:

Let us consider the effect of vitamin B6

The scientists believe that the consumption of adequate amounts of B6 from food or as a food additive helps to prevent heart disease. Together with folic acid and vitamin B12, vitamin B6 helps the body to process  substance homocysteine. High levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood indicates a risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.

Since vitamin B6 is a building material for the production of neurotransmitters, it is used in medical practice to reduce the risk of seizures, as well as to overcome the depression. Just think, up to 25% of the cases of depression are caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6 elementary.

It is no secret that many women suffer from premenstrual syndrome, vitamin B6 facilitates many of the symptoms of PMS. This softening effect is due to the participation of the vitamin in the process of withdrawal of excess estrogen from the body of woman.

In patients with asthma, vitamin B6 and stanozolol dosage reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks, it is especially important for those who takes a long time theophylline.

Vitamin B6 instruction manual

Another name for vitamin B6 – pyridoxine. It is available in two forms – a pyridoxine hydrochloride or pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P). Both forms satisfy most needs of the human body in this nutrient, but some nutritionists, doctors prefer to P-5, the P, believing that it is better absorbed.

The recommended daily norm of vitamin B6 for women and men younger than 50 years old 1.3 mg per day. For people older than 50 years: 1.5 mg per day for women and 1.7 mg for men. Therapeutic doses can be significantly higher and must necessarily determine the expert.

Be sure to be aware of the fact that the threshold of toxicity found this nutrient. Long-term consumption of high doses of vitamin B6 (more than 2,000 mg per day) can lead to violations of the nervous system. In rare cases, similar effects and prolonged use may result in relatively low doses – from 200 to 300 mg per day. Fortunately, the effects of overdose are completely reversible with discontinuation of the vitamin. Doses up to 100 mg per day are safe even with prolonged use.

Actual dosage: to control homocysteine ​​levels, enough to take 3 mg of B6 daily, however, is often recommended to take 50 mg daily – a solution must take the treating physician. For ease PMS symptoms prescribed B6 100 mg daily for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily supplement PSP or three times a day for treatment of asthma same B6 50 mg twice a day.

Vitamin B6 is best absorbed when single dose of not more than 100 mg. Higher therapeutic dose should be divided into several stages.

Natural sources of vitamin B6 are the most common foods: fish, poultry, meat, chickpeas, potatoes, avocados and bananas.

Recommended Use

If you use B6 to relieve neuralgia, talk to your doctor if symptoms such as numbness or tingling. Neurological symptoms include insomnia, depression, and in extreme forms – seizures and impaired brain waves. In these cases, you should immediately stop taking the vitamin.

A recent survey showed that half of women do not get the recommended daily requirement of vitamin B6. Particularly low levels of vitamin B6 was detected in women taking oral contraceptives. Symptoms of a serious deficiency, which is rare, are skin disorders such as dermatitis, rashes around the lips and acne.

The addition of vitamin B6 can relieve morning sickness in pregnant women. Although vitamin shown to be safe in the traditionally recommended doses (25 mg daily), there is no research data that would show how the additional amounts of vitamin B6 affects the development of the child. Women who suffer from morning sickness, you should consult with your doctor before taking vitamin B6.

Why the need for vitamin B6 – the most recent data

Vitamin B6 can prevent heart disease is not only due to the reduction in blood levels of homocysteine, a substance aminokislotnopodobnogo. A study conducted at 1550 patients at 19 European hospitals, showed that in people whose levels of vitamin B6 was placed in the bottom fifth of the sample, the level of risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system proved to be twice as high, regardless of the level of homocysteine.

Deficiency of vitamin B6 and stanozolol for sale provoke stress, anxiety and depression. The results of the men who participated in support groups suffering from the loss of evidence that men with low levels of vitamin B6 are more prone to stress and anxiety than men with adequate levels of B6. Scientists believe that the most effective treatment for depression should start with supplements of vitamin B6 than with antidepressants, in which there are many side effects.


Why training and stanozolol should be short

To achieve and maintain good stanozolol price, muscle mass and physical fitness easy, but you that no one will tell. Before we get into the details, let me explain why this is such a secret. How commonly do we get the training information? We learn from the champions of bodybuilding, right? Most of the training articles written by people with extreme, sports genetics, determine their success in the competitive scene.

Nesting. When the big guys share information, almost the only “training” theme is the new pharmacy. You know what I mean? The usual natural athlete does not give such information. It’s a totally different world – the world of professional bodybuilding. Big guys have no idea how to release a drop of growth hormone in a natural way.

Well, no matter, let’s forget about pharmacology. We have not yet touched the main reason due to which you will never hear a truly effective training secrets. Think about it: in bodybuilding competitions – this is a business for the big guys. Moreover, for them it is a way to make money, and they are not interested in the dissemination of information that could be useful to opponents. I have some information on this subject, and I’m going to tell you how simple it is – to achieve stunning fitness and maintain it. The principles are so simple that he heard them, you think: “But it is true. How is it I did not guess? ”

I learned a lot during his 37 years of training. Intuition has allowed me to become the first Mr. Olympia, but there were still thousands of reviews of clients and personal trainers, with whom I corresponded for many years.

Let’s start with the duration of training. A study Meytisom Bruni (Meites Bruni) and published in the “Life Science” in 1985, showed that the response to growth hormone begins to increase with the time you took up the dumbbell, and reaches its peak after about 27 minutes. But the most interesting thing is that at the forty-fifth minute workout GH falls by 80% from their peak and stanozolol dosage, and an hour has already reached zero. So, if we are to make the most of your training, you have to finish the work in the gym within 45 minutes. Here are a few things that we need to use in our training.

We need to find a way to maximize the release of growth hormone. This does not happen just because we picked up a dumbbell. We have to use all kinds of stress, because stress is causing GH secretion – stretching, power, fear, pain and the amount of load. And all this we can get in one exercise per muscle group.

The first set. Use it to stretch the muscles. Do not handle the heavy weights, concentrate on stretching and expanding the range of motion. Perform 10-12 repetitions.

The second set. This is a strict set. Set roughly the same weight as in the first approach, but this time focus on the ideal form. Not the slightest cheating. Follow for about eight reps.

The third set. This set cardinality, and weight will be significant. Strive to perform six reps – it is ideal for building up power and size. Sixth repetition must be really hard – not intimidating, but heavy.

. The fourth set is now time for fear – a frightening set. His goal – to scare you, it should cause another surge of GH. And to be frightened, you will have to take up the really heavy. Very big! More than you’ve ever used. No matter whether you can perform with them at least one full repetition – repetition of even a quarter of welcome. Yes, you may need help – not for the sake of repetition, and for security reasons. Mate can lift the weight for you, and then help bring it back into place, but the repetition you need to do on your own, or does not work.

The fifth set This is your last approach – and the amount of pain and you will go to failure! Take the lighter weight to perform 10-12 repetitions. This number is necessary for stimulation of growth hormone. Pain will provide an additional incentive. This is where you really test yourself. How much pain can you move? Work as long as the bar or dumbbells do not fall out of your hands.

You will discover that in such a variety of protocols within a single exercise is no place for boredom, but remember that you have at all about all only 45 minutes. And that means only one exercise for each body part.


Stanozolol dosage and 11 principles of proper nutrition for weight loss

Protein food and stanozolol play the most important role in weight loss because it fills quickly. Also, the body has to burn more calories during digestion than in the case of power carbohydrate or fat. Therefore, proper nutrition for reducing means high protein content and low – carbohydrates, as the amount of food is reduced, the body burns more calories and amino acid pool of the protein prevents loss of muscle mass.

However, when losing weight becomes really difficult, it is useful to have a few extra aces on his hands. This article recalls the simple principles of proper diet for weight loss, which can be divided into two groups:

  1. Ways to eat less without feeling hungry


  1. Products that contribute to enhanced calorie burning.

These tips will best help those who are already accustomed to following the rules of good nutrition:

  • Eat whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and nuts.
  • Give preference to whole carbohydrates of plant origin rather than processed grains.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Regular exercise, preferring strength training.

№1. Eat protein foods, giving preference to foods rich in the amino acid tyrosine

There are many benefits of regular high-protein food:

  • Protein helps maintain muscle mass, so that alone daily energy consumption remains high.
  • A large number of protein helps control the level of sugar and insulin in the blood, reducing the cravings for sugar.
  • Certain amino acids contained in protein, to activate a network of transmitters in the brain, which increases energy levels and reduces the feeling of hunger.For example, the amino acid tyrosine, as it turned out, raises the level of dopamine in the brain in a way that decreases the feeling of hunger and reduces the craving for sugar and fat.

What to do: plan meals so that food was the maximum amount of various proteins and stanozolol price to the brain gets to charge a lot of amino acids. Try eggs, fish, poultry (birds and not only – elk, deer, etc.), beef, pork and cheese. Leafy greens, such as spinach and mustard greens also contain a lot of tyrosine.

№2. Eat fiber unpalatable, especially resistant starch

Foods that contain a lot of fat, saturates quickly, and as a result the body gets fewer calories. You may not know that processed foods, which have fiber, does not help you eat less, it is capable only of food, in which the fiber is found initially. This type of fat found primarily in vegetables, fruits and some cereals.

Resistant starch – another type of indigestible fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial digestive bacteria. As it turned out, it enhances the feeling of satiety and maintains muscle mass while burning fat and total energy consumption remained almost unchanged.

What to do: add fruits and vegetables at every meal and try to consume resistant starch daily. It is found mainly in the non-modified potato starch, green bananas, peas, maize, raw or cooked and cooled potatoes, cooked and chilled white rice.

No. 3. Start the meal with green vegetables or salad

Start each meal with a green salad or vegetables, and decrease the amount of calories, and you get more nutrients. It is also good at helping reduce the number of drunk food before eating a glass of water or tea. From what product you start eating, and that will be the primary. For example, scientists recently conducted a study, which was attended by students eat in the college canteen. Participants who started eating with vegetables, mostly vegetables and load up, which led to a reduction in the amount of calories and reduced intake of simple carbohydrates, such as bread rolls or fried potatoes. Students who started eating with fries or bread, ate more carbohydrates, leading to an increase in the number of calories obtained.

How it works: As you can see, consuming the same amount of food, you will soon feel the saturation, receiving fewer calories.

№4. Beware of friends who are overweight and those who eat quickly

People are very sensitive to social cues that for food. For example, people tend to eat more in the company of friends who are overweight, especially their sex. If you’re dining with a voracious other, you behave in the same way eating more than usual. However, in this, there are good – sharing food with those who eat slowly, you yourself will eat more slowly.

People also tend to eat more high-calorie food and drink more alcohol when they are encouraged friends. We make the mistake of thinking, “If everyone else do that, then I should.”

What to do: watch out for those who can influence your choice. Treat carefully to what you eat and how much, when having dinner with friends.

Be aware that research in this area give disappointing results. Even highly educated, smart people are extremely ingenious rationalize the desire to eat more high-calorie foods at public events. For example, as a result of the study revealed that even holders of diplomas in the field of power, which were previously instructed on how to eat properly at public events, were unable to resist the pressure of their friends. But there is one effective solution – before dinner with friends, thoroughly boot protein and indigestible fiber.

№5. Drink green tea or herbal mate

Green tea and mate are made from different plants, but they both contain caffeine and very high levels of catechins – antioxidants, which help to reduce weight.

An example of how green tea works. The study was conducted on women who are overweight, who were sitting on a diet for weight loss within 4 weeks. This period was followed by 8 weeks of strength training, during which they took 10 g of green tea powder twice a day and as a result of reduced weight by 10 kg, compared with a control group who took placebo and lost only 3.2 kg.

Note that in this experiment, the women first started to lose weight before taking green tea, and this was followed by weight training. All this means that green tea – a helper in enhancing metabolism, but the driving force behind weight loss was eating right and exercising.

How it works: The antioxidants in green tea and mate reduce fat absorption and suppress hunger. They also increase power consumption by improving liver function and thermogenesis.

№6. Several days a week, eat less

Eating once a day, several days a week – this is a simple way to consume fewer calories, stimulates fat burning and not at the risk of hormonal changes that occur during long-term restriction of calories or a full hunger strike.

Here’s what to do: you need a few days to eat normally, the usual way for you comfortable number of times per day. The number of calories limit is not necessary – just be mindful of serving sizes and food choices.

Then 2 or 3 days a week eat only 1 or 2 times per day. Research suggests that eating this way, you’ll get about 500 calories in “unloading” days, however, depending on the purpose or individual features can eat two meals a day the total calories to 500 calories.

How it works: people say that knowing that tomorrow they will have complete freedom to eat anything and stanozolol dosage, it brings relief and strengthens the will. In addition, after you get used, you do not feel hungry, even if it is once a day.


Buying Stanazolol online

History of stanazolol

Our fathers and grandfathers remember a time when the only still nascent and fledgling Russian bodybuilding was at its infancy and Russian athletes, accustomed to shortages and queues, were forced to settle for very poor set of drugs, a sort of pharmacological dry rations, which could get in drugstores and other “cereal” places. In those early years, work on quality to gain weight was the work very difficult; farmarsenal for “shrinkage” and design Herculean local flood was meager to the disgrace … essential medicines for precompetitive preparation was farmadonovsky / dalhimfarmovsky propionate.

Therefore, the appearance on the Russian “black” AAS market in the early 90-ies of the latest product of Western origin could not go unnoticed. Winstrol was quickly mastered by our athletes and somehow diversified the range of steroids, which was available in those ancient times. Details.

Just like other similar formulations, stanozolol alkilirovan 17-alpha, so it can be hepatotoxic at high dosages. Briefly enumerate all possible pobochki: muscle cramps, high blood pressure, premature baldness, prostate problems, acne, temporary sterility, suppression of their own sex hormones, problems with joints and ligaments, gynecomastia. Separately, please pay attention to the fact that as a result of prolonged use of Winstrol can adversely affect the ratio of “good” cholesterol to “bad” cholesterol. This pobochka often makes me recommend beginners to use Winstrol instead of Masteron, which is the level of bad “cholesterol” does not increase.

Now everything in detail. It’s no secret that Winstrol negatively affects the joints, it dries interarticular fluid and ligaments. This often leads to a variety of injuries. This side effects can be minimized if, together with Winstrol stabbing testosterone (propionate, for example). Testosterone “lubricates” the joints and how to soften reception stanozolol. Just before the course advise drink glucosamine + handroitin. Buy stanazolol at low price.

Results of stanazolol

An interesting method of “lubricating” the joints and pain management injections M. Klestov offers. The syringe with Winstrol is typed 1-2 cube novocaine injection 0.5%. And all this fresh-water sponge driven into the injection site. I myself, this method had never experienced, but the author claims procedure that procaine + Winstrol allow protect the joints from “dry” and do Winstrol injections painless. Here you can find stanazolol online.

The second thing you should pay attention to potential users stanozolol, is the strongest muscle spasms and possible muscle tears. With long-term use there is a risk stanazy tear most often occurs during the final part of preparation for a competition on the BB. Predict such gaps can not be here, do not have any special feeling in the muscles, which would have signaled that’s come off now … Too often athletes are torn even on the scale, far removed from the maximum.

It is worth to mention one unpleasant aspect of the use of frequent injections vinstrola.Pri gradually formed scar tissue at the injection site (this is common in the use of any suspensions), so that complicates the hard life of ordinary chemist. Buy stanazolol online in our store. It comes sometimes to the point where the needle is simply just not part of the muscle. So often change the injection site. By the way, do not forget that at any injections suspensions risk to get hold of the abscess is higher than when using oils.

Side effects of stanazolol

In conclusion quote from statements by all distinguished others Lubero: “Well I still remember somewhere already post that Profikom long ago came to the conclusion that stanazolol – almost the most toxic speakers, much sucks considered” scary “we oxymetholone and. methane. Accordingly, apply it only in preparation for a competition and no longer than 6-8 weeks. Another point – the dosage injectable blame should not be beyond the scope of 100-150 mg / day … “(strapped me to one of the local BB-resources, if someone will need, I can provide a link to the original text).

That’s me to the fact that chemists lovers in general should not even think about the use of Winstrol. Stanazolol for sale online here. In recent years, the reputation of the people stanozolol drug “soft and safe,” he boldly advised in various forums for the first year and is called “light” steroid. If to look at the whole range of AAS, presented currently on the “black” market, it is possible to find a replacement … boldenone Winstrol, Masteron without difficulty, Primobolan, etc.  Find more about a product. All these drugs are much safer Winstrol.
Manufacturer Stanosa (Stanozolol) Company Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs)

Manufacturer of stanazolol

Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) was founded in 2006 and is reminiscent of a small company with a list of drugs that included only 4 drug. Already after a few years the assortment of drugs has expanded three times, and today Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs), produces more than 60 drugs, including Stanos (Stanozolol), satisfying the requirements of both amateur and professional athletes. Pharmacom Labs Products (Farmakom Labs) has already won himself a sincere admirers across the globe. Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) always watching the latest trends in the world of sport, whether it occurred in the United States or Russia, Europe or South America. Buy stanazolol online at low price.

The team of Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) is made up of professionals in their field, they are every year promoting the begun business to the next level. Regularly Pharmacom Labs experts (Farmakom Labs) visit dozens of global forums to implement the latest innovations in the process of release of drugs. By purchasing any drug Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs), you are guaranteed to receive the goods of the highest quality, which can only offer pharmaceutical market at this time.

In order to maintain the best quality on the pharmacological market, Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) uses the latest methods of quality inspection of incoming raw materials, production materials and final product packaging. In laboratories Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) used the latest generation of chromatographs, allowing Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) to develop its own database of standards for products. Buy stanazolol online here. Whenever Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) buys raw materials, it is compared with a standard and then used in the production process. Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) produces drugs from raw materials with the quality of not less than 98.5%, such as Stanos (Stanozolol).

For the manufacture of drugs, oil-based, Pharmacom Labs (Farmakom Labs) uses only natural oils double filtration. This makes it possible to produce products with high concentration of easily absorbed by the body. To filter Pharmacom Labs products (Farmakom Labs) uses ceramic filters that provide crystal-clear formulations.

Stanozolol course solo for bodybuilders

Stanozolol for bodybuilders

Stanos (Stanozolol) – hormonal drug, distributed in high-speed sports, and those sports that require strength, and preferably without a strong increase in weight. In these sports, he is one of the main drugs used.

Anabolic activity Stanos (Stanozolol) is three times higher Testosterone
Androgenic activity Stanos (Stanozolol) is 3 times lower testosterone

Stanos (Stanozolol) is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and therefore practically does not aromatize. The main area of ​​use Stanos (Stanozolol) in bodybuilding is to prepare for competitions. Details about a product. As you know during this time the athlete Buy Stanozolol (Stanos), description, side effects, the correct application of, course, the price otzyvyneobhodimo get rid of excess fat and Stanos functions (Stanozolol) is at a low-calorie diet preservation of muscle mass from destruction due to lack of calories, decrease fluid in the body, increased vascularity, enhance the action of other drugs and together give an excellent hardness and muscle relief.

Buy Stanozolol in our online store at low price. If you are not a bodybuilder Professional Travel and your weight on the weight to 90 kg., And you just want to get rid of excess weight, while maintaining most of the muscle mass, then in most cases you will be enough Stanos (Stanozolol) solo in a dose of 50 mg. per day in any form, depending on the desires of funds and put injections every day.

Dosages of Stanozolol

There is a view of the beach for a good figure. But for the level performances in the course of the competition Stanos (Stanozolol) is not enough, because of the very low-calorie diet, plus by accelerating the metabolism of drugs, allegedly thyroid hormone, your muscle mass will decrease. You will need to use a more androgenic steroids such as Trenbolone, Masteron, Testosterone Propionate. Stanozolol for sale online here. Dosages in speakers athletes in this stage vary widely, and they will manage without my advice.

Perhaps use Stanos (Stanozolol), and between a set of muscle mass. Members will see good results in receiving Stanos (Stanozolol), solo, of course with intensive training on the course, good nutrition and rest. About the number dialed kg. difficult to say because it depends on the diet, and accordingly the quality of recruited kg., is possible without Stanos (Stanozolol) is free to collect 10 kg. fat for a couple of months. This will teach you to calm lazy office workers, not the sports site.

Stanos (Stanozolol) is not conducive to the accumulation of fluid in the body and significantly increases the strength of an athlete. Quality muscle mass typed on course Stanos (Stanozolol) is almost completely preserved. For a more substantial increase in muscle mass, as well as athletes are not first-time users of steroids one Stanos (stanozolol) is not enough.

You must add nandrolone decanoate, any testosterone, Sustanon, Oksimetalon. Beginners course is better to forget about the combination Stanos (Stanozolol) with Sustanon or Oksimetalonom and apply low androgenic steroids such as Primobolan, nandrolone decanoate, boldenone. Stanozolol online. Such combinations are though less powerful, but after the course keep much better results, the course will be as safe in terms of side effects, and the more powerful combination to leave the next courses.

Stanozolol for women

Stanos (Stanozolol) anabolic with low androgenic activity and is well suited to girls. The increase in androgens in the blood of athletes at recommended doses is normal and does not lead to phenomena of virilization. Athletes using 20 mg. Stanos (Stanozolol) per day.

Stanozolol released as in the form of injection, and tablets. Many athletes say that the injection works better, but I think it is not true, and if the oral Stanozolol is not fake, it will work exactly the same way as an injection. At least I have the differences in the action of the injection and oral Stanozolol is not noticed. Buy Stanozolol online without prescriptions. More details.

The only difference is that injection is necessary to prick every day and therefore who cares about health and is not intended as horrible spends is not much time. And the ass by constantly pricks later half of the month will get sick, and can not find a place for her next injection. In general, what form to choose the course you decide, but it is obvious that oral easier to use. Especially if you are a very busy person and you do not want to have someday burned for stab your wife, children, mother, etc .. It is one thing to apply the amateurs athletes injections once a week, and another thing every day. Newcomers are also sensible to start with oral Stanozolol, for the reasons previously voiced, oral Stanozolol price is much lower and the course will not be for you to be decent, especially for the regions of Russia, the money.

A bit of history about Stanozolol:

The active substance stanozolol was released to the market by Winthrop in 1962, with the trade name Winstrol. The drug was intended for medical ispolzoaniya, in particular the recovery of the body after surgery, treatment of anemia and veterinary applications for increasing appetite of animals and, consequently, increase ihKupit Stanozolol (Stanos), description, side effects, the correct application of, course, price, weight ratings , strengthen bones. Not for its intended purpose Stanozolol began to be used on horses taking part in competitions, to improve their performance. Here you can buy stanozolol online.  And of course to find the positive developments in terms of speed of horses, as well as to increase the quality of muscle mass, Stanozolol gradually began to be applied in athletics and bodybuilding.


Side effects of Stanozolol

Many have probably heard more than once, about Ben Johnson, who ran as a god for that time and looked the part. With its lean muscle mass, and the results he must stanozolol, although I think that he used and many other steroids, as well as all of professional sports athletes. When in 1990 passed on bodybuilding doping control, its prize-winners tournament, including the winner Shawn Ray were caught in the use of stanozolol. Again, I do not think you need to explain what they looked like, not only from one Stanozolol, even though the doping test, and showed only that the prohibited substance. In tournaments in athletics in 90 years Stanozolol is constantly determined in athletes for doping control. From this it follows that almost all athletes athletics have used this drug. Buy stanozolol online here.

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Training muscle to weight training – useful for beginners! What is stanozolol?

Before you start bodybuilding, you should be sure to prepare the muscles for intense training and stanozolol for taking. If you do not, go unprepared into the gym and start “to drag” just barbells and dumbbells, even if not much weight, then stanozolol dosage the next day you have all the muscles will ache. Your body is in fact not physically prepared for such loads. In addition to stress and muscle pain, you do not get anything! stanozolol side effects

It’s like a gym class when you were forced to do push-ups, and then run a few laps. And you do it in an environment where before that, most likely, did not carry out charging and even a daily workout. Hence feeling unwell on the day after the physical education lesson, you hurt all over.

Pain in the muscles usually takes 1-3 days. The sensitivity depends on the load and your physical fitness. What can we do to minimize such pain in the muscles and eliminate all stop in their training? The answer is simple – you need to prepare for the training!

Do morning exercises, warming up before each workout. Use the horizontal  bar, parallel bars and push-ups in his warm-up and strengthen the sector, and is also useful to be running and sit-ups. You can even pump the press. Find out the stanozolol price.

For starters, you can work out for 3-4 weeks so, without  encumbrances, trips to the gym and work the pole. Then you can visit the room and start using lightweight dumbbells and barbells. This sequence will prepare you for training with the “iron”. And do not forget to always do a warm-up, especially in the strength training with “iron”! stanozolol


The muscles of the body, their working principle and stanozolol dosage

Before you start doing weight training, it is desirable to have a theoretical knowledge of stanozolol side effects, how our muscles are designed and operated. And then start a workout in the gym. With this knowledge you’ll get a greater effect will be correctly and competently to approach to the training process .

In the human body there are three types of muscles – smooth muscle, skeletal muscle and heart muscle. Smooth muscles cover the internal organs of our body, we cannot pump it. But the skeletal muscles – these are the muscles that are “swing” athletes.

Skeletal muscles consist of fibers. The fibers consist of a muscle cell. In each such muscle cell has two cores which are intended for division and restoration. During the contraction of the muscles responsible myofibrils or thread. The yarns contained in the muscle cells. Number of myofibrils may reach several thousand. Muscle cells form tissue which constitutes the muscle.

Human muscles contain fibers, nerve endings and blood vessels. Muscle contraction occurs by means of nerve impulses. They act in a direction away from the spinal cord to muscle.

Muscle contraction

To build muscle mass should be a lot of work in the gym, focus on the reduction of their muscles. Muscle contraction occurs in the following way: the transmission of a nerve impulse in the direction of “brain – spinal cord – the needed muscle.”  Find out more info about stanozolol dosage . The athlete controls the intensity of the contraction of muscles of the body by means of pulse power supplied by the nerve endings.

Energy muscle

The molecule ATP (or adenosine triphosphate) – the main source of energy of muscle contraction. In the process of the disintegration of the molecule energy is released, which makes an impulse for muscle contraction.

There are 3 basic source of ATP molecules : kreotinofosfat, glucose and oxidation of organic components.

Kreotinofosfat able to split up and creative phosphate group. The latter is attached to adenosine to form ATP.

Glycol sis – the process of splitting of glycogen (a complex carbohydrate consisting of a compound in a chain of glucose molecules) without the participation of oxygen, which is contained in the muscles. As a result of such cleavage are formed one glucose molecule and two molecules of lactic acid. The more the body was able to accumulate glycogen, the more energy in training.


The growth of muscles without increasing fat deposits and stanozolol

How to increase muscle mass, and a lot to eat, it does not increase body fat? This question probably care of almost all beginners and advanced athletes.

Effective build muscle mass is impossible without good nutrition and diet, which slightly exceeds the calorie amount of energy that we spend per day (household energy consumption, and its loss in training). Unfortunately, difficult to calculate this energy in the form of food, which would be completely left   on time and training. We must learn to approximately obtain energy from food and look for stanozolol for sale, so that it all went on muscle growth and development of the body, and does not create conditions for the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

As mentioned above, the precise level of energy is difficult to calculate. However, you can use more effective methods that will enable us to maximize the correct use of food energy, minimizing the accumulation of fat.

  1. Calories should be qualitative, not “empty”.It is necessary to choose biologically “dense” types of foods.For example, when choosing meat, stop attention to low-fat varieties, as contained in the fat go fat. When choosing carbohydrates, stop for complex types (porridge, cereals, and vegetables). When choosing fats, prefer natural vegetable fats, which contain a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids.
  2. Carefully follow the diet, avoiding messy “getting” the stomach.Choosing random product entails a leap calories, and as a consequence, body fat gain.Even with overeating protein, its unrealized surplus turns into fat, not muscle, because Protein synthesis is triggered by physical exercise.
  3. Plan to purchase products, nutritional supplements.You need to know exactly how much of what you need in a day, week, etc.
  4. Make it a habit to buy food not on an empty stomach.Psychologically proven that people with hunger loses tight control over the store, filling his cart all that it seems important just to quench your appetite, but not useful for building muscle.There is a big difference between the satisfaction of appetite and satisfaction of the physiological needs of the body of a healthy athlete Bodybuilders often wonder: what is stanozolol?
  5. Try not to skip meals.Any feeling of hunger triggers “eating” its own muscles, the stomach wall worked out by the digestive juices and increasing body fat.To eliminate the possibility of such a situation, try to have on hand at least bananas, protein bars or protein powder to the shaker.
  6. Try to nourish the body is not the same type of food while maintaining a sufficiently high level of protein intake, moderate -. Carbohydrates and low intake of saturated fatsvarying types of meat, fish and seafood we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, with a minimum percentage of fat or no 0%.
  7. Eat little and often, without overeating -. 4-5 times per dayDue to this, the body will not be stored “in the future” (stocks can only be fat and proteins and carbohydrates are not stocking).
  8. Drink plenty of water,becauseit is important for all metabolic processes, especially during intense workouts and training massonabornom.
  9. When observation is not even significant signs of increased body fat, use aerobic exercise.Also, analyze the composition of your diet, to identify and eliminate the sources of “empty calories.”
  10. Try not less than 1 time per month to carry out a complete analysis of body composition(ratio of fat, muscle and water).